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We found we are last few sites that never use any bot to level , the only one that did not sell gold by mailing or trading face to face! But you could also order WOW Gold here , we will grind WOW Gold for you with your own character ( over level 80, if you do not get level 80, you could order our wow power leveling service by click here ) by questing, trading professions, AH & raiding ! No delivery No ban ! Are you tired of being suspended or even banned by the blizzard while you were using the WOW Power Leveling service ,which assured you that there would be real players to level for you while that guy would only get $ 1 to $ 3 for 24 hours nonstop working? Forget it, that sucks,The bots and the gold farmers were ruining the WOW Power Leveling business as well as your precious accounts. Now Igset.com supplies you the best service. You may find that our prices are a little higher than other companies. Well, we employ professional WOW players to power level your character. All of our employees are honest skilled World of Warcraft players, who personally power level your character, you could talk and discuss the playing skills with them in game. They use VPN-tech which could provide an exclusive IP located in your town to log in your toons, working less than 12 hours a day to keep themselves health. It would be great safer and effective than the bots. Of course they should get a higher pay than the bots .You might be eager to get a high level character but not a banned account ,right? You could get a full refund if you found your account was botting or using any illegal third part software. Trust us! We will continue to serve you honestly in the 4th expansion: Mists of Pandaria.

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