WOW Classes Guides

Oct. 28, 2007 IGSET WOW Classes Guides

Classes guides for all classes, such as talents and skills change, all the classes in WOW are very different from each other, even you have played WOW for years , you will never know some details of certain class, and if you intend to climb higher in the PVP rank, you shall know more about all classes...

Articles List original from igset.com

  • (8)Warriors:Too good and not good enough
  • (7)Rogue:Learning the rogue calculus
  • (6)Rogue:Adjusting your rogue to patch 5.2
  • (5)Paladin:Mastering the Troves of the Thunder King as a paladin
  • (4)Warrior:The future is soon
  • (3)Shaman:Annual summary for restoration shaman
  • (2)Monk:Ascension talent for monks wow power leveling
  • (1)Mage:Patch 5.1 preview for mages
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